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Mercedes Sprinter cargo van

For Armando D., Summerville, South Carolina is the promised land. When his family emigrated to this country years ago from Puerto Rico, Armando and his young family discovered the full power of the American dream. Through hard work and dedication, Armando trained as an electrician until he became successful enough to open his own small business. Servicing the greater Summerville community, Armando prides himself on giving the best possible service to the community that opened up their arms to him many years earlier. To provide such exemplary service, he decided to purchase the Mercedes Sprinter cargo van for his business.

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Dodge Sprinter van

Simon R. of Greensville, South Carolina knows the importance of family. As the proud father of six children aged 3 to 16, he loves nothing more than spending time with his family. Unfortunately, such a large family requires a lot of Simon as the sole breadwinner. An experienced and well-regarded plumber, Simon is in high demand in his community. He is constantly finding himself walking the tightrope between working more and spending more time with his family. When it came time for him to find a new cargo van for his business, he decided to find a truck that would help him work smarter, not harder, giving him more time to spend with his family

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