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Spartanburg, South Carolina is a city known for many things. From its long history amongst the local Native American tribes, to it’s modern revitalization as a thriving downtown center, Spartanburg has been known by many different traits. However, through the ages, the city has been known for it’s working class spirit, no more present than in it’s proud son, Steven W. Entrepreneur Steven has made his name in the community by providing a delivery service, primarily suited to support the city’s many automotive and manufacturing plants. While larger national freight services carry most of the goods from the plants, Steven has found his niche providing delivery of machine parts to the city’s factories. To get these loads from the airports and shops to the factories safely and rapidly, Steven needed a van that he could count on. That’s why he chose the Mercedes Sprinter cargo van for his thriving business.

Steven is a cut to the chase kind of guy. He needed a van that could handle the big loads, plan and simple. He soon found that the Mercedes Sprinter is a cut to the chase sort of cargo van. The Mercedes Sprinter design allows for a spacious cargo hold, meaning that Steven could carry heavier loads than his competitors, while doing it in fewer trips. Fewer trips meant more loads per day, which meant more money for Steven to reinvest in the business.

While the cargo is top amongst Steven’s priorities, his first priority is always the safety of his employees. Thank goodness for the Mercedes Sprinter, whose revolutionary design allows the van to grip the road and make the tight turns, no matter the weather or road conditions. Furthermore, the Mercedes Sprinter’s engine design lets Steven rest easy, not having to constantly worry about whether or not his cargo vans will be sidelined with constant engine or mechanical problems. With the Mercedes name on all of his vans, Steven knows that he is benefiting from years and years of quality design expertise. At the start of each day, he knows that when he sends his driver’s out on an important job, the cargo and the driver will reach their destination safely and on time.

The one lesson passed down from generation to generation in Steven’s family was the importance of the bottom line when it comes to making your business a success. When Steven was making his decision regarding what fleet of vans to buy, he had to carefully weight the different costs. Fortunately, Steven found that the Mercedes Sprinter series of vans was priced competitively with other like sized cargo vans. Even more attractive, Steven worked the numbers and was shocked to discover that the Mercedes Sprinter’s amazingly fuel efficient engine design would end up saving him hundreds of dollars each month. As fuel prices rise throughout the world, Steven felt safe knowing that his cargo vans would be able to make the most of every gallon and leave him a little extra money in his wallet each month.

As Steven’s business thrives, he can attribute it to many sources. Determination, legacy, community, and the quality design and performance of the Mercedes Sprinter cargo vans.


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